Parkview Student Ministry

PBC Students

June 5-8, 2017 Passion Camp

Daytona Beach, Florida

Parkview Baptist Church Youth Program has one goal: To introduce all youth to the Holy God that loves them.  Events are scheduled, Bible studies are held, services are done all to serve the single purpose of revealing God to the students that come. We provide an enjoyable and comfortable environment while at the same time presenting the Gospel of Jesus as straight forward as it is in the Bible. Summer Camps, Beach Trips, Movie Nights, Lock-Ins, 5th Quarters, Friday Night Hangouts, Skeet Shoots, Camping, Lake Days, and Bonfires are all part of how we have fun fellowshipping and serving the one true God.

Regular Meeting Times
Sunday Morning: Sunday School Small Groups 9:00 am
Sunday Night: Reach (Discipleship Service) 6:00 pm
Wednesday Night: Worship 6:00 pm

“December 16, 2016 Bazooka Ball”


“D-NOW” 2015 – Panama City Beach

2015-0804 youth-11

Parkview Baptist Church – Youth Band



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